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SBL Update…

Class 1 and Class 2 have been learning all about the artist Van Gogh this week. The children found his life story fascinating and were very sensitive when discussing the challenges he faced with his own mental health.

They were able to recognise the help people can get today, compared to what wasn’t able in the past, and what they are all able to do to support their own mental wellbeing.

Mrs Fisher has provided an update on their week for you here.

“A very, very busy week! Our week started with a special project all about Van Gogh. We have done lots of collaborative art projects with Class 2 and visited Media City to go to the Van Gogh Alive experience.

The exhibition was beautiful, with the image of his artwork all paired to classical music and accompanied by moving projections. We ended our week with a visit to Park Bridge to explore more of our local area and to enjoy going on walks to provide a healthy boost to our emotional well being and bonding with one another. There were lots of interesting conversations and observations about our surroundings!”

Class 2 also spent some time creating Fireworks pictures. They used a mixture of salt, glue and watercolours to produce some stunning images. On Wednesday, with our City in the Community coach, Kosta, they played a speedy team game of Noughts & Crosses. They used hoops and bibs to create their “3-in-a-row” and great fun was had by all (….except when they lost….sometimes!)

Kodey came to see me early in the week and asked about the possibility of having some fish in their classroom. Now I know that Kodey has had pets of his own at home, but I needed to be confident that he had thought about this properly and understood what the start up costs would be, what it would cost to look after them, how we would care for them in the holidays etc….

Mrs Shortall has told me that he has taken this responsibility seriously and spent most playtimes researching and finding the information he needed. She was particularly impressed by how cost-conscious he was being, ruling out some things as unnecessary and too expensive. Well done Kodey!

Next steps are to visit the pet shop to check that what he thinks we need is correct, before we start to source the items we need. Watch this space…..

Mrs Pulman is going to update us next week as she only returned from her Forest School training on Wednesday. You will not believe what they made on their campfire though – the classroom smelt amazing. Photos to follow next week! We also welcomed a new pupil, James, and he has made a great start to his time at Spring Brook.

Class 4 were able to choose what to turn their classroom into for the afternoon and chose to have a beauty and nail bar! There were certainly some talented make-up artists and nail technicians in there – perhaps this could be our first Spring Brook business venture?!

On their outdoor education visit to the park, they found the best roly poly hill EVER! I want a go! Zac was fascinated by the ladybirds and wanted to find out more about them on his return to school. In Art they have been learning new skills to work with the clay. They have started to create some fantastic masks and I look forward to seeing the finished ones. They have been learning multiplication facts in maths and using an array of equipment to help them with this.

Finally to class 5 who have been as busy as ever. They were also excited about Bonfire Night so spent some time learning about how to stay safe when watching a firework display. They made some great Firework paintings and even some Firework Toast to have with their milk!

In Geography, they have been learning about their local area and habitats in Science. Here is Harry using the iPad to label photos of different types of houses that he took on their field trip and Mia’s map from exploring the local habitat in the Forest School area.

Andrzej and Cullen worked as a team to design and build a house for Ted, which they have done an amazing job with!

In PSHE, they have been reading “The Day the Crayons Quit” and acted out the emotions some of the crayons were feeling, explaining to the adults why that was.

Last but not least, their Computing lesson has seen them learning about e-safety and keeping safe online. By the end of the lesson, they were all able describe what they could and should do if they see something upsetting. Our children are growing up surrounded by technology, so it’s more important than ever that they know how to protect themselves. If any of you ever need any support in keeping access safe at home, please do get in touch because we have lots of advice and support available.

I hope you all have a great weekend, take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Thomason


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