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What a windy weekend!

I hope you’ve all survived the windy weather over the weekend! It’s been a wild one hasn’t it!?

Spring Brook life was as busy as ever last week and I had a stream of children at my door eager to show me fantastic work. I must admit, it’s my favourite part of the day 🥰. They have also been enjoying trying to “solve” our reading display – the adults have brought in photos of them as babies/toddlers, and the children are having to identify who is who, as well as matching them with their favourite book as a child. Come and have a go the next time you are in school!!

I have also been busy meeting the children who are going to be part of our new classroom, following the completion of some building work. We could have filled the places twice over, such is the demand from families who want their children to be part of Spring Brook. I am sure that you will make them, and their families, all welcome – it’s really daunting moving your child to a new school when they have found education difficult isn’t it?

Here is a taster of the wonderful learning that our children have been doing this week….

Class 1 are continuing to make great progress with their Maths using practical apparatus. They have been using the VR headsets to explore the oceans and in computing they have been using the iPads to control the spheres, guiding them through a very tricky assault course they had made on the corridor with PE cones and books.

The children have loved petting the new – still nameless – Guinea Pigs, now that they are getting more used to the children and the classroom. Eden and Calvin were thrilled to finally get some piggie snuggles!

Class 3 headed up to the forest school where they learned how to safely make, and extinguish, a fire to make hot drinks and cook snacks. Jayden fell backwards into the willow and Fatsia Japonica plant at one point – it took 3 of his friends to pull him out as they were giggling that much! They also used apples and twigs to create some bird feeders and carefully attached these to the trees.

Class 4 have been busy too – Sebastian’s been learning his spellings with the “kn” sound at the beginning. There has been lots of real Maths, with Tommy and Bailey practising communication skills through playing shop. All have been practising their multiplication skills and they have embraced a new skill of Peer massage, which they have really enjoyed. Zac, Tidiane and Tyler did well with their story mapping about the Titanic. You can see they are doing lots of paired working which is enabling them to practise their social skills.

I’ve also added some more Equine Therapy photos – Sebastian was doing a great job of plaiting the pony’s mane!

In Science, the boys have been learning about electricity by making some simple circuits, in order to light up a bulb and turn a motor.

Finally, on to class 5, who have not only been doiing lots of fab learning, but have also welcomed another two new pupils (with one more joining us next week!). Welcome to Jayden and Ashton, who I’m sure will settle in really quickly. Tommy, Ashton and Harry are showing you how they have been creating monster sculptures out of recycled materials, like the sculptor Michelle Reader.

Mia & Joseph worked well together to discuss Maths subtraction problems, whilst Gracie, Ashton and Declan have been ordering numbers. Tommy & Harry have been teaching Andrzej and Ashton how to take turns in a game, whilst practising their adding and subtracting skills. Well done boys for being great role models 🙂

Class 5’s topic is Dinosaurs and the children have been looking at how fossils are formed by pressing gummy bears into bread to see the shapes they left. They then made their own fossils using salt dough. They have found out what it must be like to be a palaeontologist, digging in the sand for hidden treasures. They worked in pairs to make a chocolate dinosaur nest, with some eggs in the centre. They were then given a selection of equipment and had to decide what would be the most effective to hatch the dinosaur from an ice egg. They found that warm water was the best thing to melt the ice.

In Science, they have been learning what animals eat and whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and also ventured out on their first trip for a while to the park on Monday.

Well, that’s all for this week. I’m sure you will agree they are all doing so well – they make me proud every day!

Hope to see you all soon,

Miss Thomason


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