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Blog – 17.6.22

Mrs Fisher and Calvin joined forces to win a competition in Class 1.  The challenge was the good old spaghetti and marshmallow tower one.  Calvin and Mrs F managed to build the tallest one and look very pleased about it!


Our Guinea Pigs, Toffee and Oreo Cookie, have settled in really well now and the children have loved spending time with them.  Selene even enjoys reading to them! 

The class 1 children have been doing lots of research about Pirates and working together to find and share information.  They also painted their own pirate ships.

In Commando Joe’s, they have been working on communication skills and building bridges and pulleys. 

With Miss Lees, in English, they have been learning how to construct newspaper articles.  Their work was amazing, they tried really hard and even edited their own work to make improvements.  Well done Class 1.


Mrs Sanderson celebrated a special birthday last week…21 again I believe?!  She was surprised by the children with some lovely gifts and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday too!

Class 5 had an amazing trip to Legoland – there were rides galore, models to build and admire, vehicles to build and race down the ramps – they had a fantastic time there.



Back at school, they have been building boats out of different materials to see if they sink or float, and then predicting what other items would do when placed in water.


On Friday we had a Super Learning Day at school where different classes learned all about celebrations in different faiths. Class 5 found out about how and why people were baptised. They discovered what the font was, what the Vicar would do during the service and why we choose godparents. They found out about different symbols, made some stained-glass windows, and found out about when John the Baptist baptised Jesus. They found out that candles are lit at baptisms to shine as a light in the world to the glory of God and made their own to represent this.

Finally, although we couldn’t of course re-enact a baptism service, we took advantage of the weather to ‘cleanse’ the children in Class 5 style!



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